Projectile Problem

March 19, 2009

When I was in XI/XII I used to throughly enjoy solving physics problems. There is this problem in Irodov which goes like this:
‘Suppose you take two stones and throw them in opposite directions horizontally, after what time do they become mutually perpendicular to one another?’.
I just felt like writing up the solution to this one. 🙂


Vijay ‘VIP’

March 16, 2009

Just a couple of days ago, I had been to Hasya Kavi Sameylan in LT. I’ve seen many mimicry shows before but this was the first time I saw someone who could mimic 52 different actors in less than 5 mins without a break!

Happy Holi

March 11, 2009

We played Holi today with a lot more enthu than last year, probably because everyone being in one hostel made coordination and forming of a gang easy. We serially pulled out everyone hiding in their rooms, got drenched in colors, tore each others’ clothes[!] and played in the mud pool. All this followed by a long bath, ‘gala’ lunch & nap. Perfect Day.

Search image with an image

March 9, 2009

This is a cool little web application I came across with lets you search images using images. Their database is far from exahaustive, but it’s still pretty useful. It’s very handy when I’m looking for a higher-resolution version of an image I already have.

Inst. Elections

March 5, 2009

Most people don’t have time to go through manifestos and make a comparative study of candidates before giving their vote. Same with me..I simply voted for those candidates who I remembered talking to and looked like they cared about their post.
If you’re contesting for elections, be upbeat and show up–it goes a long way.

Children of Heaven

March 4, 2009

This is easily one of the best children’s movies I’ve seen. An engaging slice-of-life story with extraordinary performances by child artistes.
Watch it when you get a chance–it’s on DC.


Amateur Music

March 1, 2009

Has someone made a list of creamy songs by Indians that don’t belong to the popular culture? Like these:

Din bhar kaam
Karuvarai Mudhal

Using the prompt can save your palm

February 25, 2009

Do you have a dark spot in that area?


Pic: Dom Cram’s photostream

On Blogs

February 14, 2009

My computer time is basically divided between three things: Inbox, konsole and Greader. Turns out that among the hundred odd subscriptions I’m supposed to be keeping track of, only 2 figure in the Top 10 : Google blog and Smashing Magazine–both of which I only occasionally read. As each day goes by, ‘news’ to me is increasingly becoming esoteric and personal. I wonder if other people have the same feeling.